Cable TV

High Quality Digital Cable TV with 200+ Channels

Chesapeake Bay Communications offers high quality digital programming, including HD channels, straight to your business. With over 200 channels to choose from, our packages are sure to provide you with an offering to fit your business needs. Service is available in Cape Charles only.

  • Over 40 Free HD Channels
  • Digital Music Channels
  • Personal DVRs to record your favorite programming
  • Bundled Packages to save you money

Channels and Packages (PDF)


Digital Cable Equipment

Digital Cable Card – $2.99/month

Great to use for televisions that have a cable card insert, or previously owned TiVo.

Standard Receiver – $5.99/month

This receiver provides access to the interactive TV Guide to help you stay on top of air times for your favorite shows.

HD Receiver – $7.99/month

All the same great features that you get from a standard receiver with an HD bonus.

HD DVR Reciever – $ 12.99/month (DVR Service required)

Record your favorite shows, including support for HD channels. 

DVR Service – $6.99/month

TiVo Premiere Receiver- $9.99/month (Internet & TiVo Service required).

It’s like a cable box, a DVR, an Apple TV and a Slingbox in one sleek package. The TiVo offers recording like any other DVR, but much more to offer, including:

  • Popular Internet Apps

  • Intergrated Search

  • TiVo Program Suggestions

TiVo Service Primary – $11.99/month

TiVo Service, Additional – $8.99/month (required for each additional TiVo Premiere Receiver)

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